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Raising Money Savvy Kid$

Equipping Parents to Financially Empower their Children for the Future. 

About Raising Money Savvy Kids

If you're like many parents today, you might be wondering how and when to teach your children about healthy money management skills? They aren't learning how to organize money in school and they aren't learning it elsewhere, so how will they learn?

You may also want to save money for them yourself, and to help them with their future goals. The RESP is only for education. What if they want to travel, do charity work overseas, start their own business, or buy a house? How do you save for that? Plus, is the RESP the best option to save for their education anyway?

At Raising Money Savvy Kids our goal is to equip parents to financially empower their children for the future. Learn the principles of financial stewardship, the common approaches to teaching kids about money that don't actually work, and the keys to raising financially savvy kids. Also, become familiar with the different ways you as a parent can save for your children's future and help them reach their goals - no matter what their goals are. 

You will also be introduced to the CashKidz Program - a hands-on resource kit that gives your family an interactive program to increase the financial literacy of your children. CashKidz will teach your children to budget and become financially savvy in the areas of saving, giving, and 3 categories of spending. 

Raising Money Savvy Kids is good for parents with children ages 0 - 14. 

The CashKidz Wealth Kit will be made available for purchase at this workshop. Information on the Wealth Kit can be found below. 

The Presenters

Raising Money Savvy Kids

David Senft

Creator - CashKidz Program

Owner - Debt Medic

David is the co-creator - along with his wife - of CashKidz which they used with their own children for many years and then offered it to other families beginning in 2011. The CashKidz program was designed to offer the highest quality financial education program for your children. CashKidz will allow them to develop a successful financial IQ to ensure they are equipped to handle small and large money matters throughout their lives. Your children will learn, in a practical way, how to save, give, discover their world, have fun, and build long-term wealth.

He is also the owner of Debt Medic where he helps people get out of debt, rebuild their credit and increase their financial literacy. 

Brendan Peters

Insurance & Investment Broker

Financial Educator

Brendan Peters is an Independent Insurance and Investment Broker with Fresh Ground Financial. He is also a Financial Educator. Brendan specializes in helping families structure their finances for success, now and in the future, so they can reach their goals and do what's important to them.

He also helps parents equip their children for future financial success. 


Raising Money Savvy Kids Topics

Part 1: Teaching our Kids

  • Financial Stewardship
  • Why Teach Kids about Money
  • 5 Principles of Financial Stewardship
  • Current Canadian Statistics
  • Whose Responsibility is it to Teach Our Kids About Money
  • 5 Common Approaches to Teach Kids About Money... that Don't Work
  • 6 Keys to Raising Financially Savvy Kids
  • Introduction to the CashKidz Program

Part 2: Saving for our Kids

  • The first step in providing for our kids
  • Why are you saving?
  • The pros and cons of the RESP
  • Other great savings tools available
  • How to decide what's best for you