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Our Strategy

What do we do?

We at Fresh Ground Financial believe education is the key for people to build a healthy financial plan for themselves, their families and their businesses. Education equips people to make really good decisions with their money. So that's we do. We educate. Whether one on one or through our Financial Education Seminars, we offer people the information they need to make the best decisions for their situation and future goals. 

Traditional Financial Planning strategies often take control out of the consumers hands, and leaves them with all the risk. Our goal is to teach and offer strategies that give our clients Financial F.A.C.T.S.: Flexibility, Accessibility, Control, Tax-Savings, and Security. 

When a household or business has financial F.A.C.T.S., opportunities and wealth often increase, and lost money through interest costs and fees tend to decrease. This allows people to reach their goals more quickly and safely. 

Some of the areas where people lose out on Financial F.A.C.T.S can be found below. 

Five Major Areas of Wealth Transfer:

Where people are potentially losing/transferring money unknowingly and unnecessarily:

1. How they pay for their house (mortgage) and debts.

2. Taxes.

3. How they fund their retirement accounts (RRSP's, Pensions, etc.)

4. How they pay for their children's education costs.

5. How they pay for major capital purchases such as cars, weddings, vacations - - - .

Our goal:

- To help you minimize the amount of money you are transferring away unknowingly and unnecessarily.

- To help you grow your money in a safe, predictable and tax efficient manner.

- To help you minimize your financial risks, so you can have peace of mind for today and tomorrow.