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Our Story

A brief history of Fresh Ground Financial

Our History

As a former teacher, resource teacher and Special Needs Coordinator for a school division, Merv knows that education is of vital importance. When it comes to financial education and information, you want to make sure that the information is reliable, accurate and that it will truly benefit you.

Having been in the financial services industry since 1992, Merv has seen and experienced a real variety of financial concepts and strategies - some that work very well and are solidly grounded and others that place far too much risk on the consumer.

The Journey

About seven years ago Merv's retired clients started telling him that they wished they had never done the "RRSP thing." They said it was not working out the way they were told it would and, what they were expecting their retirement to look like and what they were experiencing were very different.

Merv also started hearing from more and more young and middle aged people saying they could not figure out what was wrong. They said , "we are doing everything we are being told to do - controlling our debt levels, paying off our mortgage as quickly as we can, putting some money into RRSP's every year, etc. but we just can't seem to get ahead. We feel like a hamster on a wheel, running fast but getting no where. What are we doing wrong?"

These comments started Merv on a journey of research and discovery. How come these people are doing everything the financial industry is telling them to do and it is not working out for them? What is wrong with the picture when what we are encouraging them to do is not giving them the results it should give them and they were hoping for? Is there something wrong with the entire message the financial industry is giving to the public?

Over the past number of years Merv researched and read many books. He went to specialized training sessions in the U.S. and Canada and was introduced to financial concepts and strategies that have been used by wealthy people for well over 100 years. He had been in the financial industry for about 20 years and had never heard of these concepts. How come?

A quote by Rodney Ballance Jr. maybe sums it up best - "What the wealthy know about money and what is being taught to the public are completely different messages."

Not everything we are being told to do by the financial industry is in our best interest. They are in the business of making money and their profit comes out of our pockets. We have to learn how they think and operate so that we can learn to work with and handle our money in a way that benefits us more than it benefits them.

Our Financial Strategies to Get Ahead seminar teaches you how to do just that. It teaches you how to take control of your money so that more of it stays in your pocket and less flows away from you to the banks and financial institutions in interest costs, and less flows away from you in taxes.

At Home

Merv is married to Lorene and has three biological children and three step children. They are all married. Merv and Lorene currently have thirteen grandchildren. They expect there will be more to come! They have a wonderful blended family and enjoy great times together.

Merv enjoys kayaking, canoeing, reading and walking.