Grow Your Money Webinar 

Aug 31 @ 7:00 pm


Grow Your Money

Webinar - January  2021

Dive into how these three topics can transform your future financial health. This webinar will teach you valuable 

information you need to make informative decisions and feel confident about setting your own financial goals.


             RRSP MYTH             

          CANADA'S BEST          





Wednesday, Jan. 27 @ 4:00 pm & Thursday, Jan. 28 @ 7:00 pm

The RRSP Myth

The tax break is great, but are RRSP's actually going to save you the most taxes? If they aren't going to save you the most tax, are tax free savings accounts the better option?

Most people save their future money in RRSP's and enjoy the tax break up front, but RRSP's aren't saving you the most tax and earning you the most money. In this webinar, we compare the RRSP vs TFSA (tax free savings accounts) so you can see what is best for you. the most tax and earning you the most money.

Canada's Best Savings Tool

Future taxes can be the killer of your future wealth, especially if you end up in a high tax bracket. It can be a huge advantage to save in tax free accounts. Learn the best place to save your money and earn competitive interest rates. Bonus Feature: This account also allows you to become your own banker, and take control of your money.

Investments That Perform

Most Canadians invest in Mutual Funds but they haven't grown well over the past 20 years. They're likely your 5th best option. If you're currently invested in Mutual Funds, good news, there are 4 other investments options that will likely help you increase your returns and grow your money.

Earn More Than Your Mutual Funds   ~   The Flaws of Mutual Funds   ~   Successful Investing: Earn Lots, Risk Little


You may have heard the phrase "high risk, high reward." This idea that you need to take on a lot of risk of losing your money in order to successfully grow it is not only untrue, but it is a poor strategy. Why take on a lot of risk when you can take on little risk and still get a high reward? Don't miss this webinar! Join us and learn about the strong and successful investing options that almost everyone can start investing in today.

Grow Your Money Webinar  ~  January 2021

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