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Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance is another great to way build the foundation of your financial plan. It protects your income and savings from the costs that come along with having a critical illness, by providing a lump sum benefit, if diagnosed. The Critical Illness benefit can aid in covering medical expenses, covering living expenses while unable to work, or paying for support while in recovery. Having Critical Illness insurance relieves financial stress and burden at a time when there are many other stresses.

Almost all of us have been impacted by a Critical Illness, whether it was a family member or a friend. It is challenging enough to deal with the difficulties that come from these illnesses. Please protect your income and bring security to yourself and the loved ones around you by getting Critical Illness Insurance. 


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Illnesses covered Critical Illness Insurance: The 4 major illness: Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, Coronary Bypass Surgery - these 4 illnesses amount to 90% of Critical Illness insurance claims.

Other illness covered: Alzheimer's disease, Bacterial meningitis, Heart valve replacement, Loss of limbs, Major organ failure on waiting list for transplant, Occupational HIV infection, Severe burns, Aortic surgery, Benign brain tumour, Coma, Kidney failure, Loss of speech, Motor neuron disease, Paralysis, Cancer, Aplastic anaemia, Blindness, Deafness, Loss of independent existence*, Major organ transplant, Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease.


The risks in your lifetime of being diagnosed with the following are:

           Heart Attack: 1 in 5          Stroke: 1 in 9         Cancer: 1 in 2

Survival rates for these Critical Illnesses are quite high but the diagnosis and the challenges faced afterward can be a major shock. Financial insecurity and the expenses that accumulate should not be a burden or stress on you and loved ones during these difficult recoveries.



Critical illness insurance was originally developed by a cardiac surgeon. He developed it because he observed that what most detracted from his patients' recovery were their financial worries.

In the event of a critical illness, don't let financial worries interfere with your recovery.

Your return to work shouldn't be premature. You should have the opportunity to return to work when you are ready.