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Course Comments

"I was a skeptic. Over the years, I have paid a lot of money for financial courses and seminars. As a businessman and a professional investor, I thought to myself "what value can come from this course?" A colleague and I attended together both expecting it to be a waste of time, but let me say I was surprised. Merv introduced me to some concepts I had not previously seen or heard of. The value was incredible. Attending the course gave me a new perspective on the financial planning industry. Truly a refreshing experience. Thank you for sharing."

James - Winnipeg, MB

"This course doesn't teach the typical "follow the herd" mentality. The classes teach different methods of money management, not what I had been taught by the financial institutions. I now understand that the average person spends over 30% of their after tax dollars (to the banks) just to cover the interest payments on borrowed money. They will never recapture those lost dollars. Merv will show you how to use proven techniques that date back hundreds of years to recapture those lost interest payments. Money that will grow your wealth, not the banks.

You are in control of your financial decisions and you need to educate yourself."

Wayne - St. Norbert, MB

"Thank you very much for the class you taught on financial "awareness", as I now like to call it! I believe everybody deserves to know that they can control their own money and make safe and practical decisions without any doubt and confusion. Merv Peters' class teaches alternatives that really do help us get ahead financially. The classes were more engaging than I expected, and I've learned valuable things in each of the hour long sessions. It was very refreshing to attend a free class taught by a person who has genuine concern for our financial well-being. I am confident that my spouse and I can apply what we've learned as we plan for our retirement.

Thank you for your generosity in sharing with us."

Mary - Anola, MB

"This course was for me. I never thought about money in the way it was taught. It was an "eye-opener." I learned about the real effects of taxes, how it works and how it will affect me during retirement. Financial "myths" (those things we hear often and accept as true when in fact they may not be) were explored. I learned there are options that would allow me to have my mortgage paid off years sooner while savings thousands of dollars in interest costs. 

I really became aware of the fact that I have not saved enough money and I also discovered that life insurance could work for me (while I am living) rather than just being a cost and only of benefit if and when I die.

The four week course gave me time to build faith in Merv."

Indraiith - Winnipeg, MB

"Just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed the classes that I took regarding financial planning.

I am nearly retired and have never been exposed to any of this information. It has opened up a whole new way of thinking for me. I can only say a big thank you. Merv is an excellent teacher and explains things in a way "normal" people can understand. This class is definitely worth taking! It WAS truly eye opening. Very thankful to FINALLY have my eyes opened indeed!!"

Betty - Winnipeg, MB 

"Taking Merv's free financial planning course was incredible, I learned so much. A lot of this information I wish I had learned earlier. I would have invested and planned things so differently. I am so grateful to have learned it now, and I am in the process of changing the way I do banking. Thank you so much Merv for just wanting to give back and educate people, you are such a blessing."

Sharlene - Winnipeg, MB

"When I first heard about the course I checked it out on Merv's website and found some interesting information on it. This was information that I was looking for and so I decided to attend the course.

I never felt comfortable with RRSP's and thought there must be some other options that were better for me. The course introduced me to some financial concepts and strategies that I had not heard about before. At first I didn't understand all of it but I met Merv personally a couple of times and he explained it to me in a very clear and easy way. What I learned is a perfect match for me and my family. It allows us to save and keep more money in our pockets. I learned how I can save and grow my money in a tax free environment.

I am glad that I took the time to take the course. There are financial concepts and strategies available that the wealthy know about and use all the time. Unfortunately, we the general public, normally never hear about them. The course introduces and explains that information.

Thank you Merv for saving my family."

Abe - Winnipeg, MB

"Knowledge is power and your explanations, visual aids, and real client circumstances and "fixes" helped us in a very big way to make some decisions to better our situation.

We want to thank you very much for the information you provided. For the "FREE" service you are providing in educating everyday ordinary people who are wanting to do better with their finances and for their families."

Kelly & Russ - Winnipeg, MB

We learned a lot from attending the course with Merv and Brendan.

We also met with Merv to go through some financial concepts. He explained things in a clear and unambiguous way. He was also happy to answer all our questions and didn’t rush us or push us to make any decisions. Merv was more interested in providing balanced financial education that will lead clients to making the right decisions for themselves and their families. We respect him very much and highly recommend working with him.

Fisayo & Keji - Winnipeg, MB

Other Comments from Attendees:

  • "This course is transformational. It totally changes a person's financial picture and thus transforms their life."
  • "This course should be compulsory for all young couples."
  • "I learned things in this course that I had never seen before. I wish I would have known about it years ago for my own sake and for my clients."
  • "It almost makes me angry that this information has been available all the time and no one has ever shown it to me before."
  • "This information is so valuable. It makes me want to go out and teach it to everybody."