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Some thoughts from clients.

"Working with Merv changed my life."

 - Sharlene

"I highly recommend Merv as I have benefited greatly from his wisdom and knowledge."

          - Deborah

"Without reservation I urge you to sit down with Merv and learn what he has to say. You'll increase your financial IQ. You'll learn about much safer ways to grow and protect your wealth. And when you watch your net worth climb, you'll look back and marvel at how 'past you' was smart enough to make time for a visit today. Merv is not your ordinary financial planner - his methods work."

- Robin

A financial advisor who cares more about his customers than money. Merv has a passion for bringing the truth out to people! He shows the secrets of today's financial world that many mainstream advisors wouldn't know about. The reason I chose Merv was his passion for education and truth!

- John

Merv is a man of honesty and integrity and someone you can trust. He is very professional. 

When we first met with him he spent most of the time asking questions and listening to us. He wanted to find out what was important to us and what we really wanted financially for our family. This really impressed both my wife and me. 

Merv gathered some information from us and when we met the second time, he presented us with a Cash Flow Plan (a financial road-map) based on our situation and what we wanted to accomplish. He laid all the information out for us to see and for us to decide what we felt was best for us. The “ball” was in our court. We never felt any pressure from him to move in any specific direction. He educated us so that we could decide for ourselves what would be most beneficial for our family.

He introduced us to financial concepts and strategies that will help us today as well as for the future.

As he said, “there is nothing magical about this, there is no get-rich-quick scheme. This is simply good financial planning that protects the family, pays off mortgage and debts more efficiently, allows our money to grow safely and predictably and minimizes taxes.”

Having put a solid financial plan in place has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. I just wish I would have talked to Merv a year ago when I first heard about him.

If you want some help or direction with your finances, do yourself a favor and have a conversation with Merv.

- Jacob

"We have definitely had a very positive experience with Merv as our investment advisor. We met Merv over 2 years ago at the Morris stampede and signed up to his newsletters, but took no action on any of his advice or seminar opportunities. Over that period he never bugged us or dropped us off his mailing list, which we very much appreciated, because we found the newsletters interesting and informative. 

About 8 months ago, after seeing our traditional investments rise and fall and land pretty much where they were 10 years ago, we decided to explore alternatives. We are nearing retirement so we were looking for investments that would provide a more stable return rate. 

Merv came to our house on several occasions and explained all the options including life insurance needs. We still needed more time to think about the investments, but we were never pushed or pressured by Merv at any point along the way. Merv remained helpful and available to answer all our questions. We found Merv to be very honest and relaxed yet competent and clear in his investment knowledge and presentation. We really appreciated the many trips he made to our house and the many hours we kept him there answering our questions in a very informative way. We have now struck up a good relationship with Merv and will continue to do business with him. 

We would highly recommend giving Merv a call , even if it’s to just become more knowledgeable about the investment opportunities out there. You will be very pleased with Merv’s friendly and clear advise."

- Cameron and Valerie

"We had our first meeting with Merv on January 25, 2013 and really appreciated the financial education we received. Merv has a way of explaining financial concepts in a very clear and understandable way. He showed us what we need to consider in order to build a strong financial house - insurance needs (for protection), saving and investment options (for retirement), ways to reduce taxes and estate planning (so our estate goes to our chosen beneficiaries - children and charities - rather than to Revenue Canada). He helped us clarify what is important to us about our money, family and values.

One of the financial concepts that Merv showed us was how we could use life insurance as a very safe, predictable and tax efficient way to build wealth. We were surprised to learn that wealthy people have been using this concept for well over 100 years. We had never heard of it before.

For a number of years we had this uneasy feeling that our financial house was not in order but we weren't sure what to do. Merv helped us put together a plan that meets our needs and gives us peace of mind.

If you're not sure about your financial plans or you're frustrated with them, we would encourage you to sit down with Merv and find out what he could do for you. "

- Ray & Audrey

"Working with Merv is a pleasure. We have always appreciated his upfront attitude and his forthright approach to our queries. His professionalism and integrity are characteristics we value. He always has the time to make small talk and is genuinely interested in us.

Merv is an all around trustworthy gentleman. Combined with his pleasant disposition, he has made it easy for us to do business with him which also leads to friendship."

- Denis and Michelle

We learned a lot from attending the course with Merv and Brendan.

We also met with Merv to go through some financial concepts. He explained things in a clear and unambiguous way. He was also happy to answer all our questions and didn’t rush us or push us to make any decisions. Merv was more interested in providing balanced financial education that will lead clients to making the right decisions for themselves and their families. We respect him very much and highly recommend working with him.

- Fisayo & Keji

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